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Another day — another assassination attempt by boyfriend Roger and his stupid camera.  The guy works overtime thinking of precarious situation for me so he can get his pictures of little Meredith holding on for dear life!  I don’t know how the dickens I let him con me into these things.  (Oh course, guys are very adept at conning girls into doing things.  I think it must be something in their genes — or jeans as the case might be!) Anyway, you can check out Roger’s little pictorial essay of “Nude Blond in Tree!”

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It has links to the “Arboreal Trek”, “Casual Fork”, “Relaxed Fork”, “Vertical Fork”, “Arboreal Suspension”, and “Vertical Climb” families of pictures.

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I’ve always dreamed of flying.  The freedom to soar through the air so effortlessly like our feathered friends would be the greatest gift imaginable!!  Through the magic of MeredithLand™ I can experience some of that wonder.  In this gallery you’ll see flight represented in a lot of different ways — from dance to dreams — from comic heroine to soaring raptor — all of them in the unique Meredith style!

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This a public service of MeredithLand™ so you guys won’t be such hopeless dweebs in understanding the fairer sex!  We’ll be adding a lot more lessons in our continuing education program.  Read and learn them well as they will undoubtedly save your life more than once.  Always remember that as Nietzsche said, “In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man.” Take heed!!

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