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More pictures are being loaded continuously to the fabulous MeredithLand™ art galleries!  And a lot more entire galleries are going to be added, too!  You should check back everyday!!  (Maybe every hour!!!)   After all, you wouldn’t want to miss anything!  Particularly since I’m such a super hot, super cool, super sexy, and super funny blond!  (Psss!  Somebody give me some more superlatives!)  Oh yeah — and of course, super brilliant blond!!!  (I always forget to mention that one!!)

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@ Work & Play Gallery

This is a large collection of pictures that show some of my day to day activities around MeredithLand™ both at work and during my free time.  Roger took a lot of these, but certainly not all.  Some of these are kinda sexy — some are VERY sexy — and some are just plain fun!  Everyone gets into the act, too.  You’ll be hearing from me, Roger, Jocelyn, Miss DNA, THE Boss, Connie, Kyla, and some of the other folks around the office — and Rick, Steven, George, Jeffrey, Tomás, April, Karl, and a few others will be showing up in time, too!

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California Adventure Gallery

Holy Cats!!  I finally made it to California!  And to the Pacific!  And the Mountains!  Woo-Hoo!!  My boyfriend Roger and I had a really terrific time staying at the house of THE Boss’ friend.  It was super fancy and overlooked the Pacific — really fabulous!  And — I know that pictures of other people’s vacation are usually really boooring — but I’ll bet that you’re really gonna like the shots that silver tongued Roger took of his “favorite scenery!!” We’ve got another trip west planned for the future.  You’ll get to see even more “towering peaks!”

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Mexico Adventure Gallery

Miss DNA and THE Boss left for a week on a business trip.  And — while the cats were away, we mice took a little play trip south of the border!  Mexico was really cool and we had a great time!  Of course, I’d have had an even better time with a few less margaritas!  But I survived (looked pretty doubtful for a while!) Roger and the rest of the gang kept their cameras going so I think you’re really gonna like our little travel “show and tell!” We’ll be headed down for more fun next time the bosses are gone!

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Hill Country Adventure Gallery

The Texas hill country out west of Austin is really pretty and a really fun place to go.  The whole gang took a little long weekend trip out there and we had a great time.  Well — mostly a great time — there was the tiny problem of almost getting killed that kind of put a little damper on things.  But hey — that’s why it’s the Hill Country “Adventure” rather than a just more travel shots!  But considering the state of dress (undress) I doubt if you get bored even when our lives are being threatened!

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Saint Patrick’s Party Gallery

OK!  Enough is enough!  As soon as I’m elected President and Jocelyn is Vice-President the first thing we’re gonna do is get a Constitutional Amendment pushed through forever banning the practice of drinking green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day!  Translation: Oh My Aching Head!!!!!  But we all had a good time — what I remember of it!  I sure hope the green food coloring stain comes off the hot tub walls!!  YIKES!!

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DNA Land Gallery

These are some pictures from when I first discovered DNA Land on the other side of the box thing.  (I learned later the box thing is called a monitor by DNA’s.) I always thought it looked pretty neat out there and that the DNA’s sure had a lot of cool looking stuff.  And then — one day — I figured out that the monitor wasn’t quite as solidly impenetrable as everyone thought!  Needless to say, things in both DNA Land and Digital Land haven’t been the same since!!

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Digital Land Gallery

A lot of the DNA’s have wondered about things in Digital Land so I thought I’d take everyone for a little tour.  You’ll get to see the good — the bad — the fun — the awful — and everything else that makes the two worlds so different.  And — you’ll also get to see how they are alike in a lot of ways.  Trust me — a busy internet connection manned by goofy guy routers is every bit as big of hassle as JFK or LAX or DFW!  And while the terminal security at airports is a pain, so is dealing with virus checkers and firewalls!

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Digital Studio Gallery

All of our stuff at work is done on a digital studio stage.  We do architectural animations for office buildings, churches, school, stadiums, resorts, and just about anything else that someone wants to build.  You’ve probably seem some of our “fly-through’s” on TV.  The digital stages can of course be used for anything — and in this case — for taking some pretty sexy shots of your favorite blond!  Because everything is digital you can do some pretty cool things that would be impossible in a DNA Land modeling studio.

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Special Moments Gallery

This is a collection of pictures that were taken at special times — for example, birthdays, weddings, holidays, and just significant moments for one reason or another.  Each of them evokes a special memory for me — so I grouped them altogether so I could browse over them easily.  Some of these are a little more serious than the usual Meredith fare.  Some are a LOT more serious.  And some are just plain fun!!

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Flight Dreams Gallery

I’ve always dreamed of flying.  The freedom to soar through the air so effortlessly like our feathered friends would be the greatest gift imaginable!!  Through the magic of MeredithLand™ I can experience some of that wonder.  In this gallery you’ll see flight represented in a lot of different ways — from dance to dreams — from comic heroine to soaring raptor — all of them in the unique Meredith style!

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Arboreal Meredith Gallery

Another day — another assassination attempt by boyfriend Roger and his stupid camera.  The guy works overtime thinking of precarious situation for me so he can get his pictures of little Meredith holding on for dear life!  I don’t know how the dickens I let him con me into these things.  (Oh course, guys are very adept at conning girls into doing things.  I think it must be something in their genes — or jeans as the case might be!) Anyway, you can check out Roger’s little pictorial essay of “Nude Blond in Tree!”

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Girls Explained to Guys Gallery

This a public service of MeredithLand™ so you guys won’t be such hopeless dweebs in understanding the fairer sex!  We’ll be adding a lot more lessons in our continuing education program.  Read and learn them well as they will undoubtedly save your life more than once.  Always remember that as Nietzsche said, “In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man.” Take heed!!

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Vote Blond in ’08 Gallery

This is the place to check how my campaign for President in 2008, (and Jocelyn’s for Vice-President,) is shaping up.  AND — you can also check on the status of those billion dollar dump truck loads of money that’ll be rolling to your driveway!!  We’ve really been working hard at our campaign strategy and had a gazillion details to take care of.  And we’ve also been keeping a close eye on Dweebert Possiltot and his PMS/Weevil Party.  Dweebert is running against me for President.  (He’s still trying to find some species that will serve as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  Good Luck!) Just remember that Wilson/Albright is the ticket for 2008!!  Peace, Prosperity, and Pink Flamingos are coming your way!!

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Woodland Wildlife Show Gallery

This is the ongoing wildlife nature show following the naked blond herds of Woodland Meredith’s (gazoongabus thunderiffic) and Scottish Jocelyn’s (hooteratii heroicus) as they live out their carefree lives in our local urban forest.  The Woodland Meredith’s and Scottish Jocelyn’s are wild animals — you know, like deer, or squirrels, or something — that by an incredible coincidence, just happen to look like me and my sister Jocelyn!  That can lead a to a few problems of mistaken identify at times!  The show is hosted by world renowned nature researcher Brandlehurst Thistlebot (with a little help from yours truly!) Brandlehurst has had his share of mishaps with the herd and now finds himself matching wits with them on a daily basis (and not doing too well in the wit matching department!) In fact, he even quit at one point — but returned with a certain dark cloud of rumors hanging about his head!  So — On With The Show!!!  PS — it might be a good idea to lock up your cash, valuables, and particularly high limit credit cards before you get too close to these woodland fauna!!

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Merezilla Gallery

Just when you thought that California couldn’t possibly get any stranger — Merezilla appeared out of the ocean one day off the northern coastline.  (Only three syllables, “Mare Zil Luh.”) Despite what fuddy duddy Professor Brandelhurst Thistlebot thinks, (he’s on loan as narrator from the Woodland Wildlife show,) Merezilla certainly isn’t a monster.  I mean, how could she possibly be a monster — she looks like me!!!   She’s a really sweet girl — and blond — and 2000 foot tall — with a really bad case of the munchies — that’s gets her into just a tiny little insignificant bit of trouble!  (Give the girl a break — they’re always having to rebuild San Francisco anyway!  And we did manage to distract her so Los Angeles didn’t get eaten!) While the construction companies (and confectioners) work around the clock, we’ll be checking back in on Merezilla shortly.  There’s a rumor, that she’s about to take a “walkabout” (as our Aussie friends would say) through the rest of the country.  Watch for her to be terrorizing a city near you in the not too distance future.  (You might want to consider moving to a really small town way, way out in the hinterlands!)

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Spaced Blondes Gallery

This is a brand new feature just getting kicked off here in MeredithLand™!  You’re gonna really like it a lot!  A little science fiction, a little classical mythology, a little B-movie horror, and all of it scrambled up in typical Meredith fashion.  Oh yeah — there’s also going to be a lot of very unclothed blond damsels in distress just waiting for a rescuing hero to appear!  (It doesn’t get much better — right, Guys?) So stay tuned!  By the way — I wanted to call it “Space Blondes” but THE Boss insisted that I add the “d” on the end!  (Nobody knows all the grief I have to put up with!!!  GUYS!)

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Special People Gallery

This is another gallery that ranges from serious to “not so serious.” It’s a collection of pictures about people — except one of them isn’t a “person” but he’s still a VERY important friend to me.  We’ll be adding a lot more dedications to this one as time goes on.  And Meredemon, (four syllables, “Mare Uh Dee Mun,”) will be getting her own gallery at some point also!  She’s gonna be back to create just a few tiny little problems!  You’d do well to stay on your best behavior!!  And Miss Grzinchwallow will also be showing up in time to bring out the very worst behavior in me!!!

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