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Meredith™ Bronze Preview
Meredith™ Bronze Preview

HOLY CATS!  And I thought it was strange looking at one of the full size Meredith™ Stand Up Cutouts of me!!  This is so incredible it just blows me away!  It’s like seeing myself with a really serious “bronze” tan!  And it is really weird reaching out and touching myself, too!  I can’t wait until we get the first of the real ones from the foundry!!

This has been a real challenge and is still an “on-going challenge.”  The first step for each pose is to make a super-super high resolution digital model of me — a few gazillion polygons so it’s smooth down to the imperceptible level.  From these a “point cloud” is produced that defines “what’s me” and “what’s not” within a particular defined space.

We are experimenting with two different methods to turn the point cloud into a solid model.  One uses a laser fast prototyping machine and the other is with a more conventional CNC numerically controlled milling machine.  The mathematical manipulations to get from me to what those two different systems understand is downright mind numbing!!

And then of course there’s the ongoing problem of my “co-workers.” For example, I have to deal with comments like, “It’d be a lot easier if we just dunked her in molten bronze and skip all these steps.  Or at least let’s dunk her in the hot wax.”

This particular “individual” better watch his back!  He might be the one getting dunked!

And then there’s the problem with my hair.  “Her hair is gonna be a nightmare — why don’t we just shave it all off? Or better yet, let’s chop off her head and just do a torso.  Torso’s are always artsy.”

Needless to say, here’s another person leapfrogging his way to the top of my better dead list!

But despite the problems, we are making progress and are working with the bronze foundry gurus to figure out all the production steps.

And believe me, there are a LOT of steps in making a bronze sculpture.  The process is about 6,000 years old and is still done essentially the same way.  You start with the “model” which is really the “art.”  From it you make a rubber mold, then reinforce it with another mold around it.  Then a thin layer of wax is painted on the inside to get all the fine details.  Then a thicker layer of wax is built up to the final thickness of the bronze — typically between an 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

Next the wax mold is removed and coated in a slurry which hardens when it dries.  This is applied to both the inside and outside.  Then the hardened slurry and the wax are heated up in an steam autoclave which hardened the slurry further and melts the wax which runs out the bottom leaving a cavity, (and is “lost,” hence the name “lost wax method.”)

Now molten bronze is poured into the space where the wax was originally to form the actual sculpture.  Once it cools, the hardened slurry mold is broken away and you’re left with the actual bronze piece.  It’s cleaned and prepped, then the various pieces are welding together.  Finally, the patina is applied and it is mounted on a base.

We hope to have all this going sometime during 2007.  We’ll be placing some with various art dealers.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted where you can go see, (AND BUY,) a fabulous Limited Edition Meredith™ Bronze!!

I’ll also be posting progress photos here of the entire foundry process.  And in the meantime, you can check out the two simulations below.

The first is a 400 X 300 GIF image of 36 frames which spins around so you can have a 3D look.  It is 1.9 megabytes in size.  Just click it and it should open in a new browser window.  Close the window when your are done.

View the Bronze GIF Mockup

The second is an 800 X 600 Apple QuickTime™ Virtual Reality movie.  It’s a lot larger at 19 megabytes but allows you to interactively look over the bronze mockup.  Just click it and it should open in a new browser window.  Close the window when your are done.  Depending upon which version of QuickTime™ you have, the “controls” may be a little different.

Basically, you mouse down and “grab” the image to turn it.  It you mouse down at the far left or right, the image will spin.  Hold down the SHIFT key to zoom in and hold down the CTRL key to zoom out.  When you are zoomed in, hold down BOTH the ALT and CTRL keys and then your mouse will drag the zoomed image around.  Experiment!  There should be a little menu on the lower left that also does all these things.

When the new VR windows opens, you MAY get a security warning from your browser.  If you want to look at the VR pictures, you’ll have to say “OK — Yep, I trust Meredith” and click the appropriate stuff on your browser.  Little “annoyances” like this are why I have avoided plug-ins like the plague on my web site!!  If you don’t have Apple QuickTime then cruise over to the Apple web site and download a free copy.  You’ll probably need to maximize the window to be able to see everything.

View the Bronze VR Mockup

We will be producing a number of different poses for the galleries, but can produce virtually “anything” Meredith!  Pick out your favorite and we’ll built it!!  And — this would probably be a good time to start saving, also — bronze is not an inexpensive art medium!

And after we’ve got the bronze stuff in high gear, we’re gonna start working on marble.  It seems pretty straight forward to me — take a big chunk of marble and “cut away everything that’s not Meredith!” Piece of cake!!!!


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This will take you back to even more fabulous shopping at MeredithMart™ — obviously the coolest store on Earth with the coolest stuff you can imagine!  And even better, all of it themed around everyone’s favorite blond!  (That would be me!)  And there is gonna be more and more incredible stuff added all the time!

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