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“Ultimate ‘Milk’ Shake” • April 1, 2006

This one may be my wickedest one yet!!

First — the reason there are quotation marks around “Milk” in the title is because while this looks like a milk shake, it doesn’t have any milk in it!!  Remember my mantra — NO CRUMMY FOOD!!

Not only is this one not crummy, it is one of my wickedest concoctions ever!!!!

This is best with a “real” milk shake mixer.  If you don’t have one, you should have a serious discussion with Santa Claus, (or your favorite male regarding your need!)

BUT — you can do it in a blender but you’ll have to help stir things up.

SO — drag out the milk shake mixer or blender.  Start with Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.  Blue Bell is not (yet) available in all parts of the country.  If you live in one of those “Blue Bell Deprived” areas, you should MOVE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Load up the blender/mixer with ice cream.  Now, add a teaspoon of vanilla!  Now add a can of sweetened condense milk!  And finally add about a cup of half and half!!  Hit the switch and mix!  If using a blender, you may need to stop periodically and shove things around with a long spoon to get everything to mix up.  Depending on the size of your blender, you may need to adjust the amounts of sweetened condensed milk and half and half.  This should be a THICK milkshake! 

When it’s all mixed together, forget the straw — just get a shovel and hoover it all up!!!  YUM!! YUM!!  YUM!!


You’ll notice that there was no CHOCOLATE in the basic version.  That is REALLY easy to fix.  Just pour in chocolate syrup until your toes start to curl!!  And since you’re gonna eat it with a shovel, chopped up bits of ALL candy bars are a wonderful additive.

Also try adding some caramel or butterscotch sauce.  Or toss in some fresh strawberries, or bananas, or pineapple, or coconut, or cherries, or pecans, or walnuts, etc., etc., etc.

Trust me on this — you have never had a better, creamier, yummier, wickeder “milk” shake in your entire life!!!  And just in case a full blender/mix seems like slightly too much for one sitting, it’s perfect to share with friends — and if you whip this sinful little goodie up, you’ll have lots of friends clamoring for more!!!



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