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“Damn the Calories — Full Taste Ahead!!”

“Chez Meredith Cheesecake”

Way too fabulous for words!!

“Bananas Foster!!!!”

Too Yummy for Words!!

“Merezilla Magic Mud Fudge”

Just give me a shovel!!

“Banana Pudding”

But what about the bananas?

“Beef Stew”

Beef Stew?? Really?? At Chez Meredith??

“Cherries Jubilee”

Another flaming delight!!

“Wicked, Wicked Lemon Pie”

Very, Very Wicked, Wicked!!

“Crepes Meredith”

Yes — it’s Crepes Meredith!!  And Don't Forget!!

“Cookies and Creme!!”

It’s just a fact — I really am a genius!!

“Chile Con Chez Meredith”

Super yummy on a cold crummy day!!

“Chez Meredith Enchiladas”

VERY Tex-Mex!!

“Date Delights!!”

And WOW are they a delight!

“Chez Meredith Beignets”

They’re not what you think!!

“Ultimate ‘Milk’ Shake”

This one may be my wickedest one yet!!

“Killer Chocolate Pie!!”

Killer?  Yeah, right — you’re probably saying!!

“Macaroni and Cheese at Chez Meredith”

Macaroni and Cheese?? YEAH!!!!

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