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This is the place to find out what's happening everywhere in Fabulous MeredithLand™!  It’s the mission control center and will direct you to all our joys and treasures!  We're gonna keep adding more and more new stuff all the time!  You’re gonna be amazed!  You should check back frequently!  (Five minutes is probably a good interval!)  And don’t forget to tell ALL your friends!!! After all, why should you hog all the fun!!!

Go to the Read Me First!! Page

Read Me First!!

If you are a new visitor to MeredithLand™, this is the place to go first!  You’ll get some tips about navigation, info about stuff we are working on, and also learn about viewing both MeredithLand and everything else correctly on your computer monitor.

Go to the Gallery Quick Tour!! Page

Gallery Quick Tour!!

If you only have a few minutes to visit MeredithLand™, and would like to get a quick sample of the picture galleries, this is the place for you!  We’ll be swapping out the pictures periodically to showcase new and different things we’ve done.  Just remember that this is only a small sample and that there is a LOT more wonders to be found in fabulous MeredithLand™!!

Go to the MeredithLand Art Galleries Page

All Art Galleries!

Woo-Hoo!!  Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!!!  And stories, too, of all my cool adventures!  And pictures of my friends, also.  You're gonna want to spend a LOT of time in the galleries!  Not only are we gonna keep adding more and more pictures and stories of your favorite blond and her friends, we’ll be continuing the ongoing tales from the Woodland Wildlife Show, Merezilla, Vote Blond in ’08, and our newest special feature just getting started — Spaced Blondes!!  And of course, the gang and I are gonna be headed out for a lot of cool new adventures!  We’ll also be looking back at the historical tales of my first encounters with DNA Land and the DNA’s reaction to me slipping out through the monitor!  And I’ll be continuing my tour of Digital Land so all of you DNA’s out in internet land can appreciate some of the grief I have to endure!  AND — yes, GUYS, there will be continuing nudity!!

Go to the MeredithLand™ Around the World! Page

MeredithLand™ Around the World!

Here’s your chance to see your favorite blond around the world and around the world wide web!!  This is a brand new feature here in MeredithLand™ — we’ve just started pulling all the pieces together, so check back frequently!!  Besides, this will always be a work in progress as I find new places to visit and make new friends!!  You’ll have an opportunity to see what I’m up to when I’m not in MeredithLand™ — in other words, you get to SNOOP!!!  And — it’s a chance for you to tour the on-line art community with a fabulous blond guide!!  (I really should be charging admission!!) There is some overlap between the pictures and stories on my site here and those around the web, but even then, things are often a little different, and lots of time, completely different!  And there are also lots of unique pictures and stories that relate only to those sites — for example, birthday and get well dedications to on-line friends within that community.  So check it out and let your browser “follow the blond!!!”

Go to the Fine Art Dealer Network Page

Fine Art Dealer Network

“New and unique, and ever stunning.  Photography and painting and digital art transcended.  Beauty and elegance and sensuality, and yet alive with innocence.  Thus we attempt to characterize the remarkable work of this young woman.  We find the wonder and joy and playfulness of this world she opens for us — this world so tantalizingly like ours, but yet so charmingly different.  As Alice found wonder just beyond the looking glass, you too shall find the wonder of MeredithLand that Miss Wilson creates in her images.”

Domingo Sinfuentes, Madrid, 2006

Go to the Free Stuff Page

Free Stuff!!

That Right!  You read it correctly!  Little Meredith is giving stuff away for free!  (Someone should alert the media!  It’s probably time for the 50,000 miles tune-up on my brain!)  And not just any old stuff, but GOOD STUFF — Meredith™ Stuff!!!  And we’re gonna keep adding more and more stuff as fast as we can.  At present, we have a huge collection (thousands!) of both sexy and funny wallpaper in 15 different monitor sizes.  We’ll be adding tutorials, graphic utilities, graphic elements, and 3d models — all for free.  And who knows what else?  So for now, check things out and don’t forget to take home some fabulous Meredith™ Brand wallpaper and be sure and stop back by for all the new stuff!  And — while you’re taking things home, don’t forget to stop by MeredithMart™ and check out all the fabulous not-so-free stuff!  (Hey!  This web site is costing me a fortune — and besides, “Baby” always need new shoes!)

Go to the MeredithMart Store Page


Let’s face facts — MeredithLand™ is the TRUE center of the universe — and the heart and soul of MeredithLand™ is the fabulous MeredithMart™.  It’s been a BIG uphill battle but the store software is finally up and going!  We’ll be loading more and more cool Meredith™ Brand stuff on a daily basis, but check out the goodies there right now!!  And of course, you’ll want to also read about all the super exciting products we’re got in the product queue!  Everything we sell is the absolute best quality and all of it is totally unique because it’s from Meredith™!!!  You should consider getting a second job so you can buy lots and lots of fabulous Meredith™ Brand stuff!  Maybe even a third job!!  And remember that everyone should have a second mortgage!  (There’s probably something in the Constitution about that!!)

Go to the MeredithLand Residents Page

MeredithLand Residents!

This is the who’s who about me and the other folks that live in MeredithLand™.  You can get a quick run down on most of the players.  We’re gonna be bringing in more folks to the web site over time, too, and will be adding them to the Residents’ directory.  All of our e-mail addresses are listed here, too, so you can send us all your fan mail!!!  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!  (Or at least most of us will — we’re not too sure if Dweebert knows how to write!)

Go to the Picture Wallpaper Selection Page

Picture Wallpaper

Here’s the spot to get Incredible Meredith Picture Wallpaper to really class up your monitor!!  I mean, let’s be rational about this — what could possibly be cooler than having a picture of ME on your computer screen?  After all, I am a drop dead gorgeous and sexy blond!  Just think how envious your friends will be!  And your computer will be so proud it’ll probably send you daily thank you notes!!!  You can check out all the Meredith picture wallpaper here in one spot, or you can also select wallpaper from the bottom of each gallery page.  See how easy we’ve made it for you!  SO — what the dickens are you waiting for? Put a Meredith picture on your computer monitor NOW!!

Go to the Attitude Wallpaper Selection Page

Attitude Wallpaper • ZINGERS!

The Wit and the Wisdom of none other than your favorite blond!!  And — also, just a teeny, tiny, insignificant, little bit, that no one would ever notice, of ATTITUDE!!  (Boy Oh Boy, do I know how to get it trouble!!!  And if you put some of these on your monitor, you'll probably get in trouble too!  But Hey — what are friends for??)  This is pretty incredible Meredith computer wallpaper AND it'll let you send a wide variety of little zinging messages to the world at large!!  Maybe you'd like to announce that you're “available,” or sing the virtues of blondes, or share you “worldview,” or maybe you'd just like to let all those annoying people know that they've just made the TOP of your better dead list!!  You'll find lots of Attitude Ammunition here!!  If you’ve got even one tenth as warped of mind as me, you’re gonna like these a lot!!  (And if you’re not the least bit warped — well — what are you doing on my web site anyway???)

Go to the Meredith Jokes Page

Meredith Jokes and Funny Stories!!!

This is my special gift to a sometimes unhappy world.  And it is of course a key plank of our Presidential Platform to bring peace to everyone!  I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve got the best blond jokes and funny stories anywhere!!  WARNING — You should be careful about reading them at work — if you start laughing all the time, people will wonder what you're up to!!  And by the way  — just because you smarty pants might think that you can see the punch line coming, you’ll find that sometimes things may not turn out “quite” the way you’ve heard them before!  (Some get a little “twisted” at times!  And some get VERY twisted!!)   Hey — I’m of the Blond Persuasion myself — you’ve got to expect me to mess up every now and then!!  And remember that some of them are highly educational — you’ll learn such things as how to know you’re having a REALLY bad day, and how to get rid of a little unwanted attention, and even a few tips on describing the morons in your life in much more picturesque terms!  (I really should be charging admission!!!)

Go to the Chez Meredith™ Page

Chez Meredith™

Here you'll find the best of goodies from the world renowned research kitchens at Chez Meredith™!!  You should start seriously exercising and dieting now so you can try all of our recipes!!!  And you’re gonna really need to exercise because I don’t eat CRUMMY FOOD!  My philosophy is “Damn the Calories — Full Taste Ahead!!” If you’re gonna go to the trouble to cook something why waste your time making something that doesn’t taste good???? The trick is to eat a small portion of 100% taste rather than a full portion of 0% taste!!  Stick with Meredith and I’ll teach you all my tricks!!  (OK — “some” of my tricks — a girl’s gotta have a few secrets!!)

Go to the The Meredith Tattler Page

The Meredith Tattler

All you supermarket tabloid junkies and wannabe’s — this one is just for you — The Meredith Tattler!!  It’s filled with the most outrageous lies, the most sensational rumors, the most shocking stories, and the juiciest gossip!!  AND — it’s all about ME!!!  That’s right — every single story is all about your favorite blond!!  (This keeps me from getting sued by other celebrities!) And for all you tabloid wannabe readers — you can read this one in total privacy!!  No one will ever know!!  By the way — you know how sometimes in the tabloids how the headlines and the story aren’t “quite” the same? Well — just consider that fair warning!!!  (Hint! Hint!)

Go to the Meredith Fables Page

Meredith Fables

Meredith Fables are presented as a public service because it’s pretty obvious that all you DNA’s need a LOT of help!!  I’m flabbergasted on a daily basis by all the trouble you get into!!  SO — to help you along, I’ve written these little “morality play” ditties, (actually, sort of modified some old fables and fairy tales,) to teach you some valuable lessons that will greatly enhance the quality of your lives!!  (And in a lot of cases — SAVE your lives!!) I showed the galley proofs to THE Boss to get his literary opinion — he said, “Meredith, you’re probably the most warped person I’ve ever know in my life!!” I just smiled angelically, “Of course, Boss — that’s why we get along so well!!”

Go to the M Column™ Page

The M Column™

This is my ongoing little essay collection where I can share the secrets of the universe with everyone!!  You won't believe all the things I'll talk about from my unique Digital Person perspective!  Everything from Girl-Guy Relations to General Relativity.  And yes, before you have to ask, GUYS, we will be discussing sex from my unique Digital perspective.  BUT — you gotta pay attention to ALL my essays!  If I catch anyone goofing off and drawing naughty pictures, etc., I might just start a required course in Topobiology, Biodynamic Market Economies, or Thirteenth Century Portuguese Poetry!!  (I warned you I was a smart blond!!)  So put on both your thinking cap and your laughing one, too, and dive right into the fascinating world of The M Column!!

Go to the Meredith Newsletter Page

Meredith Newsletter

Here’s the chance for all you rabid fans to sign up for the fabulous Meredith Newsletter!!  Woo-Hoo!!!  Then you will ALWAYS know what cool new things are happening around MeredithLand™!!  Think how envious all those “wannabe’s” will be when you’ve got a direct pipeline into what “The Blond” is gonna do next!!  And you’ll also get special invitations to attend Meredith events across the country and around the world!!  Sign up today and join the REAL IN CROWD!!!

Go to the Adjust Your Monitor Page

Adjust Your Monitor

There is a great deal of variability in how computer monitors represent colors and because of that, it is very difficult to make sure that you are “seeing the same thing I am seeing” when you look at my pictures on my web site.  AND if you are seeing me wrong, you are seeing EVERYTHING else wrong, too.  Also, if your monitor is set incorrectly, when you print something is may look VERY different from what you saw on the screen.  SO — if you’d like to fix those problems by adjusting your monitor, this will help you get everything set up properly!!

Go to the Printer Cartridge Test Page

Printer Cartridge Test

This is a super quick and super easy way to figure out which printer ink cartridge is running out of ink!!  Which will preserve your sanity and save your family, friends, co-workers, etc. the mental trauma of finding you sitting in the corner counting your belly button!!

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This link is so you can easily get back to opening Index page of my web site without having to dig your way out with the back button.  Actually, it’s a big convenience for us when we’re working on the site.  You’ll probably spend most of your navigation time within this Table on Contents.

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