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Meredith™Stand Up Cutouts Preview
Meredith™Stand Up Cutouts Preview

HOLY CATS!!  This is by far the coolest use anyone has ever found for Gatorboard™!!  I mean after all, if you are a flat panel of Gatorboard™ how could you possibly aspire to anything better than looking like me!!!  And there are also some very fortunate pieces of Plexiglas™ and foam board that have magically been transformed into beauty personified!

And just for the record — YES — it’s pretty spookystanding up next to these little goodies!!  It’s sort of like looking in a mirror — but then it’s different, too.  I still haven’t gotten over the weird feeling of walking into a room and seeing ME standing there looking back at ME!  I’m probably going to end up spending all the money from the art work on psychotherapy!

BUT — you won’t have the problem of seeing yourself because you’ll be seeing ME!!  Think how cool your very own Meredith would look standing in your lair of choice!  It kind of boggles the imagination, huh?? And the standup versions are portable so “I” can go anywhere with you!

They are all produced full size — 5 foot 8 inches from head to toe, (or maybe a little more on some on them when I’m wearing stiletto high heels!)  Some of the pictures will also be produced for horizontal landscape wall display — sort of a Lay Down Cutout!

Getting these ready has produced more problem with the “staff!” They are whining about the difficult of making the alpha channels so my hair looks right.  And NO — I’m not going to appear bald just so you guys will quit whining about the alpha channels!

The three versions of the Stand Ups are produced in a similar fashion but from different materials.  First the picture is made either photographically or by printing.  Then it’s affixed to the backing, and then everything is cut out.

Version one is produced photographically and attached to thick, rigid Gatorboard™.  After it is cut out, a stand is added for standalone display or else it can be mounted on the wall.  These are signed and numbered.

The second is mostly the same but is attached to Plexiglas™ and is primarily designed for wall mounting although a stand can be added to make it free standing.  Is also is signed and numbered.

The third version is printed and mounted on foam board and can be used either freestanding or mounted on the wall — or ceiling — or whatever!

Regardless of the version, these are truly awesome and are guaranteed to make a serious statement at your next party!!  You’ll be able to pick out several next month!!

To get a better idea of just how cool these are, we’ve made some simulations you can check out below!!

The first is a 200 X 400 GIF image of 36 frames which spins around so you can have a 3D look.  It is 1 megabyte file so it should load pretty quickly.  Just click it and it should open in a new browser window.  Close the window when your are done.

View the 200 X 400 Cutout GIF Mockup

The second is a similar GIF but is 400 X 800 so you can check things out much better.  It’s a 4.2 megabyte file and takes a little longer to download.  Just click it and it should open in a new browser window.  Close the window when your are done.

View the 400 X 800 Cutout GIF Mockup

Number three is where things start to get very interesting!  This is a 200 X 400 Apple QuickTime™ Virtual Reality movie.  It’s a 2.9 megabyte file and also takes a little while to download.  It allows you to interactively check out the fabulous Meredith Stand Up Cutout!

Just click it and it should open in a new browser window.  Close the window when your are done.  Depending upon which version of QuickTime™ you have, the “controls” may be a little different.

Basically, you mouse down and “grab” the image to turn it.  It you mouse down at the far left or right, the image will spin.  Hold down the SHIFT key to zoom in and hold down the CTRL key to zoom out.  When you are zoomed in, hold down BOTH the ALT and CTRL keys and then your mouse will drag the zoomed image around.  Experiment!  There should be a little menu on the lower left that also does all these things.

When the new VR windows opens, you MAY get a security warning from your browser.  If you want to look at the VR pictures, you’ll have to say “OK - Yep, I trust Meredith” and click the appropriate stuff on your browser.  Little “annoyances” like this are why I have avoided plug-ins like the plague on my web site!!  If you don’t have Apple QuickTime™ then cruise over to the Apple web site and download a free copy.  You’ll probably need to maximize the window to be able to see everything.

View the 200 X 400 Cutout Virtual Reality Mockup

Last, but definitely not the least is the 400 X 800 Apple QuickTime™ Virtual Reality movie.  It’s a 13 megabyte file and it takes quite a little while to download unless you have got a super fast connection to the web.  (Consult Santa — maybe he’ll bring you one for Christmas!)

It works exactly like the smaller version but shows 4 times as much of ME!

View the 400 X 800 Cutout Virtual Reality Mockup

AND — if those didn’t knock your socks off, these next four definitely will!  They’re a little special double treat.  The front of the cutout shows my front and the back shows my back!!  Think of it at a double whammy of Meredith!!  These are REALLY hard to create because the pictures must match perfectly ó and that leads to a royal mess of dealing with camera orthogonality, infinite focal lengths, etc. which is not a good place to venture if you are of the faint of heart mathematical persuasion.  Trust me, to make this work, you’ve got to toss gazillions of 1’s and 0’s around!  Fortunately, we have some very obliging servers that chewed through all that rigmarole to create these super cool pictures!!  Each of the pictures work just like the four above.  The 250 X 400 GIF is 1.49 megabytes, the 500 X 800 GIF is 6.33 megabytes, the 250 X 400 VR is 3.85 megabytes, and the 500 X 800 VR is 18.0 megabytes.  Remember to close the new browser window when you finish.

View the 250 X 400 Double Cutout GIF Mockup View the 500 X 800 Double Cutout GIF Mockup View the 250 X 400 Double Cutout Virtual Reality Mockup View the 500 X 800 Double Cutout Virtual Reality Mockup

Remember that all these fabulous Meredith Cutouts are gonna be coming your way very shortly.  You should start saving now!!


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