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These are some pictures from when I first discovered DNA Land on the other side of the box thing.  (I learned later the box thing is called a monitor by DNA’s.) I always thought it looked pretty neat out there and that the DNA’s sure had a lot of cool looking stuff.  And then — one day — I figured out that the monitor wasn’t quite as solidly impenetrable as everyone thought!  Needless to say, things in both DNA Land and Digital Land haven’t been the same since!!

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THUMBNAIL PAGE • DNA Land Gallery : 1

It has links to the “Contact!”, “Tingles!”, “So Much Stuff!”, “Looking Left”, “And Even More Stuff!”, “Looking Right”, “Bet It’s Neat Out There”, “Wish I Could Go There”, “Holy Cats!”, “My HAND!”, “Just One Peek”, and “A Little Better Peek” families of pictures.

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THUMBNAIL PAGE • DNA Land Gallery : 2

It has links to the “Look at This!”, “It’s Solid!”, “My Finger’s Solid!”, “I FEEL My Hand!”, “ALL of Me is Solid!”, “Gravity!!!”, “Where Is Everyone?”, “Male Character Library”, and “I’m Outta Here!” families of pictures.

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PREVIOUS GALLERY • Saint Patrick’s Party

OK!  Enough is enough!  As soon as I’m elected President and Jocelyn is Vice-President the first thing we’re gonna do is get a Constitutional Amendment pushed through forever banning the practice of drinking green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day!  Translation: Oh My Aching Head!!!!!  But we all had a good time — what I remember of it!  I sure hope the green food coloring stain comes off the hot tub walls!!  YIKES!!

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NEXT GALLERY • Digital Land

A lot of the DNA’s have wondered about things in Digital Land so I thought I’d take everyone for a little tour.  You’ll get to see the good — the bad — the fun — the awful — and everything else that makes the two worlds so different.  And — you’ll also get to see how they are alike in a lot of ways.  Trust me — a busy internet connection manned by goofy guy routers is every bit as big of hassle as JFK or LAX or DFW!  And while the terminal security at airports is a pain, so is dealing with virus checkers and firewalls!

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