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Signature Meredith™ Posters Preview
Signature Meredith™ Posters Preview

The Signature Meredith™ Posters are also a dazzling addition to any wall.  They are printed on fine art archival paper using archival inks that capture the vibrant spectrum of each picture.

And — each is signed and numbered by your favorite blond!

They are custom mounted in a rich contemporary black satin frame and covered by anti-glare and UV protectant acrylic.  The initial offering will be with a standard poster size of 24 inches by 36 inches.  Most are in portrait format but a few will be available in landscape.

We will be adding custom sized posters in the near future that will allow us to print all the fabulous Meredith pictures.  (A few do not lend themselves to cropping to the 24 X 36 aspect ratio.)

We will be loading all these files to the web site during the next week or so and all should be available for you to take home and justifiably cherish in early 2007!!


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This will take you back to even more fabulous shopping at MeredithMart™ — obviously the coolest store on Earth with the coolest stuff you can imagine!  And even better, all of it themed around everyone’s favorite blond!  (That would be me!)  And there is gonna be more and more incredible stuff added all the time!

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This takes you to the Heart of MeredithLand™ and will get you anywhere you want to go!  And show you anything you want to SEE!  You’ll want to spend a lot of time exploring all the cool places in MeredithLand™ and donít forget that weíre adding more and more everyday!! And also donít forget to make a return trip to MeredithMart™!!  (Hey – I gotta eat – and Baby always needs new shoes!)

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