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You’ve found the home of all the incredible Meredith Free Stuff!  And we’re gonna keep adding more and more stuff as fast as we can.  At present, we have a huge collection (thousands!) of both sexy and funny wallpaper in 15 different monitor sizes.  We’ll be adding tutorials, graphic utilities, graphic elements, and 3d models — all for free!!  (That’s a price even I can afford!)  And then — we’re gonna add even more!  For now, check out my fabulous Meredith™ Brand wallpaper and pick out some to take home!  And keep stopping back by for even more free goodies!

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Sexy Picture Wallpaper

Here’s the spot to get Incredible Meredith Picture Wallpaper to really class up your monitor!!  I mean, let’s be rational about this — what could possibly be cooler than having a picture of ME on your computer screen?  After all, I am a drop dead gorgeous and sexy blond!  Just think how envious your friends will be!  And your computer will be so proud it’ll probably send you daily thank you notes!!!  You can check out all the Meredith picture wallpaper here in one spot, or you can also select wallpaper from the bottom of each gallery page.  See how easy we’ve made it for you!  SO — what the dickens are you waiting for? Put a Meredith picture on your computer monitor NOW!!

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Attitude Wallpaper • ZINGERS!

The Wit and the Wisdom of none other than your favorite blond!!  And — also, just a teeny, tiny, insignificant, little bit, that no one would ever notice, of ATTITUDE!!  (Boy Oh Boy, do I know how to get it trouble!!!  And if you put some of these on your monitor, you'll probably get in trouble too!  But Hey — what are friends for??)  This is pretty incredible Meredith computer wallpaper AND it'll let you send a wide variety of little zinging messages to the world at large!!  Maybe you'd like to announce that you're “available,” or sing the virtues of blondes, or share you “worldview,” or maybe you'd just like to let all those annoying people know that they've just made the TOP of your better dead list!!  You'll find lots of Attitude Ammunition here!!  If you’ve got even one tenth as warped of mind as me, you’re gonna like these a lot!!  (And if you’re not the least bit warped — well — what are you doing on my web site anyway???)

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This is the Mission Control Center of MeredithLand™ and will get you anywhere you want to go!  Be sure and check out MeredithMart™!  (Hey – I gotta eat – and Baby always needs new shoes!)  Not only will you find knockout pictures of me and my friends, you’ll find lots and lots of super sexy little goodies to tickle the hearts and fancies of those you love to love!

Last Updated: October 2006

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