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This a public service of MeredithLand™ so you guys won’t be such hopeless dweebs in understanding the fairer sex!  We’ll be adding a lot more lessons in our continuing education program.  Read and learn them well as they will undoubtedly save your life more than once.  Always remember that as Nietzsche said, “In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man.” Take heed!!

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It has links to the “Scrutiny”, “Well?”, “Heavenly Bliss!!”, “Worship Service”, and “Male Perfection” families of pictures.

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Another day — another assassination attempt by boyfriend Roger and his stupid camera.  The guy works overtime thinking of precarious situation for me so he can get his pictures of little Meredith holding on for dear life!  I don’t know how the dickens I let him con me into these things.  (Oh course, guys are very adept at conning girls into doing things.  I think it must be something in their genes — or jeans as the case might be!) Anyway, you can check out Roger’s little pictorial essay of “Nude Blond in Tree!”

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This is the place to check how my campaign for President in 2008, (and Jocelyn’s for Vice-President,) is shaping up.  AND — you can also check on the status of those billion dollar dump truck loads of money that’ll be rolling to your driveway!!  We’ve really been working hard at our campaign strategy and had a gazillion details to take care of.  And we’ve also been keeping a close eye on Dweebert Possiltot and his PMS/Weevil Party.  Dweebert is running against me for President.  (He’s still trying to find some species that will serve as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  Good Luck!) Just remember that Wilson/Albright is the ticket for 2008!!  Peace, Prosperity, and Pink Flamingos are coming your way!!

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This is the Mission Control Center of MeredithLand™ and will get you anywhere you want to go!  Be sure and check out MeredithMart™!  (Hey – I gotta eat – and Baby always needs new shoes!)  Not only will you find knockout pictures of me and my friends, you’ll find lots and lots of super sexy little goodies to tickle the hearts and fancies of those you love to love!

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