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“High Rise Tragedy!” • September 19, 2005

Who said Blondes were dumb?

A fire breaks out in the lower floors of a high rise office building trapping eleven women — ten blondes and one brunette — on the upper story.  In a moment of desperation inspired genius, they improvise a rope by tying all their pantyhose together and begin climbing down to safety.

However, the pantyhose rope isn’t strong enough to hold but ten of them.  As it frays more by the second, they decide that one should jump so the other ten can be spared.

After a hurried discussion, the brunette says, “I’ll jump!  It’s not that much fun being the only brunette with ten blondes anyway.”

All the blondes are overjoyed and —

They all cheer at the brunette’s heroic sacrifice as she plummets past them.

Once on the ground, the blondes pick out the ten cutest firefighters and adjourn to a nearby bar to toast the gallant courage of the dearly departed brunette.

AND — for all you smarty pants that thought the blondes would do something really dumb like all start clapping —

Well — that just goes to show you don’t know everything!

And besides, it’s my web site so I get to change the punch lines!!

And it’s totally legal — check page 537 of the Rule Book — it clearly says right there in black and white, “Meredith can do this.”

So it’s OK!!!!!!

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