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“Smartest Blond?” • September 19, 2005

OK – maybe some are a little dumb!

An old priest, a boy scout, and gorgeous blond were the only passengers on an airplane.  An hour after they took off, the pilot came back and said, “I’ve got some really bad news — the airplane is about to crash.  And even worse, we’ve only got three parachutes.  I’ve got a wife and four kids that I’m not gonna leave behind, so I’m taking the first parachute.”

He straps it on, open the door, and jumps out.

The three passengers look back and forth at each other for a few moments, then the blond said, “Let’s be rational about this.  You’re a boy scout — and there are thousands and thousands of boy scouts — maybe millions.  And you’re a priest — and there are thousands and thousands of priest — maybe millions.  But I’m a smart blond!  And in fact, I’m the smartest blond in the whole world!  That makes me totally unique — so I’m taking the second parachute.”

After she hops out, the old priest turns kindly toward the boy scout and says, “Son, your whole life stretches before you while mine is almost at an end.  I’ve been a faithful servant of God for my whole life.  I’m ready to meet the Lord.  You take the last parachute.”

The boy scout grins, “Relax, Padre — the smartest blond on Earth — just jumped out of the airplane wearing my backpack.”

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