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“Destination Unknown!” • September 20, 2005

A simple mistake that could happen to anyone!

Soon after the flight left Los Angeles, the gorgeous blond back in coach peeked into first class, saw a vacant seat, and sat down in it.

The flight attendant came up and asked for her ticket, checked it, then said, “I’m sorry, Miss, but you’ll have to go back to coach — you don’t have a first class ticket.”

“Look, Honey, this seat was empty and going to waste.  I’m blond, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to sit right here all the way to New York!”

Not wanting to cause a scene, the flight attendant asked the first officer what she should do.  The first officer came back and asked the blond to move back to coach.

“Listen, Buster, this seat was empty and going to waste.  I’m blond, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to sit right here all the way to New York!”

The passengers were starting to notice the commotion so the first officer goes back to confer with the captain.  After the captain hears the problem he says, “Let me talk to her.  My wife is a blond — I speak fluent blond — I’ll get her back into coach!”

The captain leans over and whispers to the blond for a moment — and her eyes and mouth fly open in shock!  She quickly apologizes, grabs her things, and races back to her assigned seat in coach.

Back in the cockpit, the flight attendant and first officer ask in amazement, “How did you do that? What did you tell her?”

The captain grinned, “I told you I was fluent in blond — I just said that first class wasn’t going to New York!”

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