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“Blond Exam!” • September 20, 2005

No dumb blond coed to be found here!

A gorgeous blond was enrolled in one of those monster first semester English courses at the state university.  You know — the kind that’s got about a thousand students in it and is mostly designed to flunk students out rather than teach anything.

On the day of the final exam, the blond was a half hour late to class and when she picked up her exam booklet from the professor, she was told that she could never finish the three hour exam in the time left — and that if she was even a second late turning it in that it would be an automatic failing grade.

She took her test booklet and began furiously writing.  When the scheduled time was up, and everyone else turned in their exams, she was still writing.  She finished thirty minutes later and walked up to the desk where the professor was getting ready for the next class.  She tried to place her test atop the hundreds of others, but the professor said, “I’m not going to accept that — it’s late — that’s an automatic ‘F’ for the class.”

She asked, “Do you know who I am, Professor?”

“No — I don’t know who you are.”

“Are you sure you don’t know my name?”

“No — I don’t know who you are and I don’t care either!”

The blond grinned, “That’s wonderful!”  She lifted up a stack of the exams, shoved hers in the middle, and happily skipped out of the room!

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