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“Tour of Duty” • September 22, 2005

Practice makes perfect!

The gorgeous blonde’s newlywed military husband receives orders to a tiny remote south Pacific island for a six month tour of duty and she has to stay in the states.  In his first letter back home he says,

“I thought this would be an easy assignment, but it is turning into murder!  All of the local girls are absolutely gorgeous — and — they all walk around on the beaches topless!  It’s really hard to resist their charms.  But — I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harmonica — so mail me one and I’ll practice with it so I can keep my mind off these fabulous girls.”

Needless to say, the blond quickly sends him a harmonica!

At the end of his tour, she meets him at the plane and he rushes into her arms.

“I’ve waited so long for this moment to be back in your arms again!  And I can’t wait to get you alone!”

“Hold it right there, Buster!  First I want to hear how well you can play that harmonica!!”

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