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“Transformation!” • September 23, 2005

The wonders of modern science!!

A family from way out in the boonies came to the city for their very first time.  (And I mean way, way, way out in the boonies!)

They marveled in slack jawed shock at all they saw.  At a huge shopping mall, the father and son stood together gawking while the mother looked deliciously in the store windows.

The father and son watched an ancient white haired woman with a walker amble slowly up to a nearby wall where two gleaming silver doors slid open and she carefully made her way inside the tiny room.

The son turned to his father and asked, “What do you reckon that thing she went into is, Pappy?”

“Don’t rightly know, Boy.  Look — it’s got lighted number above them doors.  And look — the lights are counting up from one all the way to ten.  And now they’re counting back down to one again.”

The gleaming silver doors slowly opened as they watched and a drop dead gorgeous blond stepped out.

The both looks in open mouthed wonder until the father turns to the son, “Boy — go git your Mama!”

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