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“Return With Interest!” • September 25, 2005

There should be a law against guys!

An old friend stops by his friend’s house and rings the doorbell.  After a while, the gorgeous blond wife answers the door wrapped in a bathrobe and with soaking wet hair.  “Sorry it took so long — I was just getting out of the shower.”

“Is your husband Tom here?”

“No, he went down to the hardware store.”

“I kind of need to see him, would it be OK if I waited until he got back?”

The blond nods and lets the guy inside.  After Bill sits down on the couch he says, “I’ve always thought you were the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen — and I’ve always wanted to see more of you — I’ve dreamed about seeing more of you!  And — I’m willing to pay you two hundred dollars if you’ll open up your bathrobe.” And he takes out a pair of hundred dollar bills and lays them on the coffee table.

The blond is righteously offended — BUT — the budget has been a little tight lately while they’ve been fixing up their house and she could have a little well earned fun shopping with the two hundred dollars.  So — she thinks it over — and thinks it over some more — and then thinks, “Why not!”

So she opens up her robe and lets Bill have a long look at her gorgeous nude body beneath it.  Finally, Bill says, “Thanks!  You’re everything I always imagined.  I can’t wait any longer for Tom, so just tell him I stopped by.”

When her husband Tom gets back from the store she says, “Your crazy friend Bill came by while you were at the store.”

“Oh yeah? Did he leave me the 200 bucks he owes me?”

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