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“Accidents Happen!” • September 25, 2005

Another example of wily blond superiority!

A guy and a gorgeous blond have a horrendous automobile accident and both cars are totally demolished — but miraculously neither of them have so much as a single scratch!  The blond sat for a moment catching her mental breath while looking around the inside of her car.

As they both climb out she says to the guy, “This is really a miracle!  Our cars are completely wrecked, but neither of us was hurt!  I think this must be a more than just a chance meeting — I think we were intended to meet — to get to know each other — to become friends for life — and maybe even more than that — after all, I’m not married.”

The guy looks her over and eagerly nods, “I can’t agree more!  This is a heck of a way to meet, but I think we could become very good friends, too!”

The blond reaches into the back seat of her car and pulls out an unbroken bottle of champagne she had spotted earlier and says, “And this is another miracle — the bottle wasn’t broken!  I think it must be a sign that we should have a toast to celebrate that we weren’t harmed and to also celebrate our new friendship.  Would you open the bottle?”

The guy pops the cork and the blond motions for him to go first.  He grins and gulps down half the bottle then extends it toward her.  “Here you go, drink up!”

“No thanks!  I think I’ll just wait until the police arrive!!!!”

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