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“Looks Aren’t Everything!” • September 25, 2005

I think I’d best not make any comments about this one!

A little guy walks in and takes a seat at the bar.  The bartender looks him over as he serves him a beer then says, “Look fellow, I know I’m being really rude, but — you’re without a doubt the ugliest man I’ve ever seen!  Bet you’ve never had a date in your entire life!”

“Actually, I’m quite the ladies’ man — the girls are crazy about me — I can have any woman I want.”

The bartender shakes his head in disbelief, looks around the bar and spots a gorgeous blond sitting in a booth with her pro-wrestler sized boyfriend.  “Tell you what, see that blond over there? I’ll bet you $50 you can’t even get her to talk to you.”

“No problem — but let’s up the bet to a $100 that she’ll walk out of the bar with me!”


The guys chugs down his beer and then the bartender watches him walk over and stand in front of the blond and her boyfriend.  The bartender’s mouth falls open when a couple of seconds later, the blond hurriedly scoots out of the booth and attaches herself affectionately to the ugly guy’s arm.  As they walk toward the door, the guy grins as the dumbfounded bartender puts a hundred dollar bill in his outstretched hand.

After they walk outside, he hurries over to the blonde’s boyfriend and asks, “What happened?”

“I don’t know — she just jumped up and left.”

“What did the guy say?”

“He never said a word.”

“Well, what did he do?”

“Nothing.  He just stood there across the table licking his eyebrows!”

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