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“Biology Lesson!” • September 25, 2005

It pays to study your lessons carefully!

The biology professor at a posh girl’s prep school says during class to a gorgeous young blond, “Would you please stand up and name the organ of the human body that can expand to six times it’s normal size and under what conditions this phenomena may be observed.”

The blond turns red faced and stammers, “I don’t think that’s a proper question for you to be asking me!  I’m going to tell my parents about this!”

She hurriedly sits down and the biology professor turns unperturbed to a brunette and says, “Please stand up and answer the question.”

The brunette says, “The pupil of the eye can expand to six times its normal size in dim light.”

She sits back down and the professor says, “Absolutely correct!”

He turns back to the blond and says, “Young lady — First — you obviously did not read your lesson assignment.  Second — you have a rather dirty little mind.  And last — you’re going to suffer a dreadful disappointment!”

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