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“Golf Escapade!” • September 25, 2005

You’ve got to be careful what you teach us blondes!

The cute young attorney was doing really well and moving rapidly up within the prestigious law firm.  And his gorgeous blond wife was totally enjoying the fruits of his labor as a stay at home wife.  They got along perfectly — except for her continual griping about his golf games.  The attorney decided that only way to end the dispute was to attempt to get her interested in golf.  So over her protests, he arranged for her to have some golf lessons.  And to her total surprise — and to his total delight — she fell in love with the game!!  She went to the course every morning, played in the women’s golf league, and became a completely rabid golf nut!!

They played golf together most Saturdays, but this weekend her husband had to go to the office so she got a game together with some of her girlfriends.  He arrived home a few minutes before her.

“How was your game?”

“IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!  We were on the second hole — you know the long par five with the dogleg — and Peggy got up to tee off — she’d birdied the first hole — and you know how hard she slams her driver — but she shanked it off to the side — and it hit a big oak tree — and bounced back and caught Brenda right in the middle of her forehead — and we tried everything — CPR, mouth to mouth, everything — but Brenda was dead right there on the side of the second tee box!!!!”

“OH MY GOD!!  You poor thing!!  That really was a terrible experience!!!”

“It was really awful!!!  It rained last night so we couldn’t use golf carts — we were having to walk — so — all day long — it was hit the ball and drag Brenda — hit the ball and drag Brenda!!!!”

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