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“Aggie, Longhorn, and Blond!” • September 25, 2005

It’s OK – I can do this – I went to both schools!

An Aggie, (a student at Texas A&M University,) a Longhorn, (a student from the University of Texas,) and a drop dead gorgeous young blond are riding on a train through the Alps.

By the way, for any of you that are unfamiliar with Texas A&M and UT, they are legendary collegiate rivals and they REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t like each other!

Anyway — as the train moves through the mountains it passes through a series of old unlit tunnels so it periodically is engulfed in total darkness.  The Aggie and Longhorn guys are warily sitting beside each other and the blond is across from them.

As they enter the darkness of the first tunnel, there is a kissing sound followed by a resounding slap!

When they come back into the light, the Aggie is tenderly rubbing the side of his face where he had been slapped.  He thinks to himself, “In the darkness, the jerk Longhorn must have tried to kiss the blond, and she missed him in the dark and slapped me instead!”

The blond is looking things over and thinks, “In the darkness, the Aggie must have tried to kiss me, but kissed the Longhorn by mistake and got slapped!”

And the Longhorn is thinking, “This is just too cool!  Every time the lights go out I can make kissing noises and slug this stupid Aggie!!!!”

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