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“Sea Cruise!” • September 25, 2005

Boys will always be boys!

A cute single guy is on a south seas cruise ship, having the absolute time of his life.  Until — a huge storm comes up on the third night — and the ship is tossed every which way — and runs into a rock — and begins to sink!!!

He rushes on deck trying to find his way around in the darkness as all the lights have gone out.  Miraculously, he finds a life jacket and straps it on as the ships begins slipping beneath the waves.  In the water and darkness, he hears something thrashing beside him and a weak cry for help.  He paddles over and grabs an almost drowned woman.  He holds on to her in the storm and eventually both are washed up on a tiny deserted island.  All through the stormy night he holds her close to him and protects her from the wind and rain.

As dawn arrives, the storm moves off and he discovers that the woman is a drop dead gorgeous blond just his age!  And he also discovers that they are the only survivors.

The blond says gratefully, “You saved my life!!  I’ve have been gone in another minute or two!”

Stranded on the island they fall in love and find a tropical paradise.  There is ample food and water, they build a hut, a little raft for fishing for a change in diet, and all in all they are supremely happy!

Except for one little thing!!

The guy fights it as long as he can, but eventually he can’t take it anymore and asks the blond for her help.

She is deeply in love and readily agrees, “I’ll do anything for you.  What do you want?”

“Will you put on my shirt? And my pants? And this hat that washed up on shore?”

Mystified, the blond agrees and gets dressed, “Now what?”

The guy points along the shore, “Just walk along the beach in that direction.”

Totally puzzled, she complies.  Halfway around the island, she meets up with the guy walking from the other direction.  He rushes up to her and grabs her by the shoulders, “Dude!  You’ll never believe this gorgeous blond I’m sleeping with!!!!

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