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“Fabulous Sermon!” • September 25, 2005

Inspiration can strike at inopportune moments!

A gorgeous young blond marries a cute minister right after he leaves the seminary for his first church assignment.  They live back in the mountains in a charming little village straight off a picture postcard.  The young preacher and his wife are very happy together, and the community welcomes them with open arms as his popularity grows.

After two years, however, he finds it harder and harder to come up with really powerful sermons week after week.  He’s always looking for ideas and decides that he can draw a gospel analogy to water skiing.  His wife is a little dubious but she has learned to trust his judgment.

On Sunday morning, she wakes up feeling a little under the weather, so for the first time, she stays home and misses his sermon.

As he walks to the church, a divine inspiration hits him and he delivers a blazing sermon about sex instead!  When he returns home, his wife has gone back to bed so he can’t tell her about his change in tactics.

The next day, the blond wife is feeling better and goes to the grocery store.  Inside, one of the parishioners comes up and tells her about what a wonderful sermon her husband had preached the day before.  “His sermon was really breathtaking!!  So wonderful!  I can’t imagine how he could possible be so knowledgeable!”

The blond looks puzzled, “Neither can I — he only tried it twice and fell off both times!”

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