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“Resourceful Blond!” • September 25, 2005

I may have to give this a try myself!

A gorgeous young blond goes into a bank in New York City.  She sits down with one of loan officers and says, “I’d like to borrow $5,000 — but I don’t have any credit history — or anything — but I do have a brand new Ferrari that I can leave with you as collateral.”

The loan officer is a little dubious of the deal, but the new car is parked outside, and she is the title holder, and it’s not stolen, and — eventually he agrees.  After giving her the money, the car is moved inside the bank's parking garage to the secure area and locked up.

Two weeks later, the blond returns to the bank and pays off the loan.

The loan officer says afterwards, “I really don’t understand all of this.  We did some checking and you are a multimillionaire — why did you borrow $5,000 from us?”

The blond grinned, “It’s like this — I was going to Europe for a little two week vacation — and I’d just bought the new Ferrari — so — I kind of worked this out.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“It’s simple — I borrowed the $5,000 and then paid it back along with $10 in interest.  Now where else could I securely leave my new Ferrari for two weeks in New York for ten bucks!!!”

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