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“Entrapment!” • September 25, 2005

Wish I’d have thought of this back in college!

The local police get a tip that there is going to be a big party at one of the rowdy off-campus bars that night.  Two cars of officers are dispatched to stake it out.  Just before closing time, a guy and his gorgeous blond date stumble out the door laughing hysterically.

The meander through the parking lot, tripping over curbs and the guy tries his key in a half dozen cars.  Finally, they find his and get the door open.  As he’s about to get in, he sinks down toward the ground.  The blond sort of catches him and holds him up against the side.  With great difficult, she stumbles and stumbles and stumbles around the car and eventually gets the guy in the passenger seat while the rest of the partygoers start leaving.  She stumbles around the front of the car, seems to pass out of the hood for a minute or so, then finally gets around to the driver’s side and manages to get behind the wheel.  She sits for a couple of minutes looking at her passed out boyfriend, then finally starts up the car, weaves slowly around the parking lot and finally follows the last car out onto the street.

As soon as she turns out the driveway, the police officers roar up beside the car and pin it to the curb.  The order the blond and her date out of the car.

They both gracefully step out and the blond asks, “Is there a problem, Officer?”

“There’s a big problem, Young Lady, you appear to be driving under the influence.”

He gives her a field sobriety test and asked her to walk down the center line — which she does perfectly — and then does a series of forward flips back to him just for good measure!

“What’s going on here?”

The blond grins, “I’m on the university’s gymnastic team!”

The police look over at her date who is casually leaning up against the car grinning — and not looking the slightest bit intoxicated.

They give the blond a Breathalyzer test and she blows 0.0 indicating that she’s totally sober!!

The officers demanded to know what this is all about.

The blond and her date grinned, “We’re the Designated Decoys tonight!!!!”

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