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“Whoops!” • November 6, 2005

I really hate it when things like this happen!

Four gorgeous blond coeds at an all girl university took a little weekend road trip to an all guy university — instead of studying for their Monday morning final exam.  They got back into town just at dawn on Monday and decide they need an extra day to study.  They get some rest then show up at the professor’s office late in the afternoon.

“We’re really sorry we’re here so late and that we missed the final exam this morning.  Jennifer’s mom is really bad sick and we all went down to the hospital in her hometown to see her.  On the way back the traffic was really bad on the freeway because of the rain storm — so we took a back road — and had a flat tire — and the spare was also flat — so we had to walk back to town — in the rain — and get a service truck to come fix the car — and all of that took a lot of time — and we just got back — so can we take a makeup final tomorrow morning?”

The professor was very sympathetic to their plight and agreed that they could take the exam the following morning.

They all studied through the night and arrived at the classroom full of confidence.

The professor handed out their makeup exam booklets — and when they opened them — they found there was only one question —

“Which tire was flat?”

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