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“Valentine Surprise!!” • January 25, 2006

Very creative marketing!

A guy walks into the post office a couple of days before Valentines Day and gets in line to mail a package.  He notices a gorgeous blond off to the side busily working away.  He watches as she takes out an elaborate and very sexy Valentines Day card from it’s envelope and then presses the card to her well lipsticked lips.  She sprays the card with perfume, then scribbles quickly inside.  She returns the card to it’s envelope, addresses it, and places a pink “love” stamp upside down upon it, and finally adds S.W.A.K. on the back!

The guy kind of grins to himself for a second at the loving gesture, but then watches as she takes another card from a huge stack and does the same thing to it — and then another card — and another — and another!

After he finally mails his package, he stops beside the blond on his way out and says, “I know that blondes are really popular, but just how many boyfriends do you have?”

She grins at him, “Actually, I don’t have any boyfriends.  My husband and I have been happily married for five years.”

“Then why are you sending out all these cards? There must be hundreds of them.”

“Actually over a thousand.  You probably took one look at me and thought ‘ditzy blond,’ but I’m actually a top notch attorney — a divorce attorney — and all these cards are signed, ‘Guess Who?’”

She looks at the guy speculatively and then adds, “And — by the way — what’s your name and address?”

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