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“Maybe She’s British!!” • January 25, 2006

A simple mistake that could happen to anyone!

A guy drops his car off for repair on his way to work at an electronics store, then calls later to learn that it won’t be ready until the following day.  He calls his gorgeous blond wife and she agrees to pick him up after work.

A little before quitting time, he notices a news story on one of the store’s display TV’s and hurriedly calls his wife’s cell phone.

“Honey, I just saw on the TV that there are big problems on the Northwest Freeway.  Some idiot is going the wrong way and really creating havoc!  Watch out for that moron and be careful!!”

“I’m trying to be careful, but you don’t know the half of it!  There’s not one car going the wrong way, there are hundreds and hundreds of them!!!”

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