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“Cats are Tricky, Too!!” • January 25, 2006

Particularly if the cat is a blonde’s cat!

This extremely lucky guy woos, wins, and weds a gorgeous blond!  (I told you he was lucky!!)

Everything is wonderful between them — except for one little item!

The blonde’s cat drives the guy crazy.  The guy really, REALLY hates cats.  She had the cat for years before she met him and he didn’t want to make a big deal about it since everything else was so perfect, but eventually he secretly decided that the cat had to go!

One Saturday while his gorgeous blond wife is power shopping at the mall, he picks up the cat, drives a mile away and puts the cat out of the car.  He’s quite pleased with his sneaky handling of the problem — until he pulls into the driveway and sees the cat sunning himself on the front porch.

So — he loads up the cat again, drives to the far side of town, and drops it off again.  This time the cat is already sound asleep on the porch when he returns home!

Undaunted and rising to the challenge, he loads up the cat a third time.  He takes off down the interstate, then turns off on a side road, then onto some unpaved county roads, and keeps twisting and turning on one road after another for hours, getting farther and farther from home.  Finally, he stops and puts the cat out of the car.

His gorgeous blond wife returns home after dark from shopping just as the phone rings.  “Hello?”

“Hi, Honey.  Is the cat there?”

Mystified, she looks around and then says, “Yeah, he’s over lapping at his water bowl.”

“Put him on the phone — I need directions how to get back home!!”

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