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“Glass Houses!!” • January 25, 2006

The joy of just desserts!

A guy parks his car on the side of the freeway diner and walks around to the front — and then rushes to the aid of a man lying in the parking lot with his legs run over.  He flips open his cell phone and calls 911 to get an ambulance rolling, then asks, “Sir, what happened?”

“My wife — she’s a gorgeous blond — and I stopped here for lunch, then got back on the road.  An hour later, the airhead idiot realized she had left her purse here at the diner.  If I’ve told her once I’ve told her a million times that she’s got to learn to keep up with her things!!  She’s always losing things — or forgetting things.  She really drives me up the wall with her ditzy blond stuff!  I don’t know how anyone can be so irresponsible.  I was furious about having to come back for the purse — and I sure wasn’t gonna drive all the way back here to the diner, so I made her drive.  I wanted to make sure that she learned her lesson and would never do such a stupid thing again.”

“But how did you get hurt?”

“Well, when we got back here, she was about to get out of the car to get her purse, but instead pushed me out on the ground and ran over me!!!”

“Oh My God!!  Why did she do that?”

“Darned if I know.  All I said to her was to pick up my cell phone while she was inside.”

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