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“Misdirected Communications!!” • January 25, 2006

It was only one stupid letter that was wrong!

Don and his gorgeous blond wife were both fed up with the Northeastern winter weather and made plans for a vacation down in the Bahamas.  On the day they were to depart, there was a problem with a major client at his office, so Don’s gorgeous blond wife went down alone and he planned on flying out to meet her the next day.

He was about to finally leave the office when he heard a shriek of mortal agony from down the hall!  Don ran down to Dan’s office and found him on the floor clutching his chest dying from a heart attack!

While they waited for the ambulance, Don and his coworkers discussed the tragedy.  It was Dan’s first day back at work after bereavement leave over losing his wife in an automobile accident.

Don happened to look up at Dan’s computer monitor and realizes that his typographically challenged gorgeous blond wife has accidentally sent an e-mail to ‘Dan’ instead of to ‘Don.’

     Dear Honey,

     I had the Devil of the time checking in because the reservations were made in your name.

     But I eventually got everything straightened out and can’t wait for your arrival tomorrow!

     Your Loving Wife

     PS — You’ll never believe how hot it is down here!!!

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