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“Misery Loves Company!!” • January 25, 2006

Won’t they ever learn to not mess with us blondes?

At a large state university, the tyrannical professor of a massive freshman ‘bust out’ English class, announces at the beginning of the first session, “This will be an exceptionally difficult course that only the very brightest students will successfully complete.  So I want all the idiots in this class to stand up now so I can transfer you out without wasting anymore of my time!”

He looks up from the podium with sadistic pleasure at the mental panic he’s creating.  “Come, Come — all of you idiots stand up!”

A gorgeous blond on the front row looks back and sees that everyone is still sitting at their desks.  She turns back to the professor and stands up.

“Well!  In your case it’s hardly necessary to stand up — it’s obvious that a blond would be an idiot.  But at least you’re honest about your genetic shortcomings.”

“Actually Sir, I’m not being completely honest — I’m really pretty smart.  I just felt so sorry for you having to stand up there all alone.”

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