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“Dog Vacation!!” • January 31, 2006

Just goes to show who you can trust!

A gorgeous blond saw an on-line ad for an exclusive hotel and spa up in the mountains and wrote an e-mail to the manager:

“I saw your ad on the net and I’d love to come there, but what is your pet policy? I always travel with my dog and would like to bring him with me.  He’s very well behaved and got straight A’s in obedience school.”

The manager e-mailed the gorgeous blond back:

“In the thirty years I have managed this hotel I have never had a dog steal the towels, steal the sheets, steal the blankets, steal the furniture, or steal the artwork.  I have never had a dog give me a hot check, pay with a stolen credit card, pass counterfeit money, or skip without paying the bill.  I have never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for drunk and disorderly behavior or call the police to settle a domestic dispute between dogs.  So — your dog is most welcome to stay at our hotel.

PS — If your dog is willing to vouch for you, we’ll consider letting you stay, also!!”

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