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“Stupid??” • January 31, 2006

I don’t think so!

A travelling salesman is passing though a tiny little town way out in the boonies and stops at a country store to inquire about where to find a room for the night and a place to eat.  As he talks with the owner, he also asks about the girls in the town.

The owner says, “Well, we’ve got a few eligible young lasses about — in particular, we’ve got this one incredibly gorgeous blond — but I wouldn’t recommend her because she’s stupider than a bag of mice.”

Just then he looks up and sees the blond walking by outside.  “Here, I’ll show you what I mean.  Hey Blondie — come in here a minute!!”

The blond walks into the store while the owner takes out a five dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill from the register.  He puts one in each hand, then says to the blond, “Take a look at these two bills — you can have either one of them.”

The blond carefully looks over each bill, checks the front and the back, then finally picks up the five dollar bills, says, “Thanks,” and walks out the store.

“See what I mean — she’s as dumb as a person can get.”

After he leaves the store, the salesman sees the blond again on the sidewalk and asked her why she took the five instead of the twenty.

The gorgeous blond looks him over carefully, then says conspiratorially, “Well — it’s like this — the store owner thinks I’m really stupid — and he loves to show off to all the passing strangers just how stupid I am — so he does his little trick with the five and twenty a couple of times a day.” She winks at the salesman and says, “If I ever take the twenty my profitable little game is gonna be over!!!”

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