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“Very Strong Deterrent!!” • January 31, 2006

I’d only have to be told once, too!!!

At a posh boarding school, the middle school age girls start discovering makeup and lipstick and make a habit of freshening up between classes in the girls’ restroom.  One gorgeous little blond gets the idea to leave a set of lipstick imprints on the mirror.  All the other little girls think this is a really cool idea, so everyday, the girls’ restroom mirror is covered with scores of fresh lip prints.

The school principal decided to put an end to the practice so she called all the girls into the restroom.  The janitor was waiting there and the principal explained how difficult it was to clean off the lipstick from the mirror.  She asked the janitor to demonstrate his cleaning technique.

The janitor took a long handled bristle brush, dipped it into the nearest toilet, and began scrubbing off the lipstick!!!

There has been NO REPETITION of lipstick on the mirrors!!!!

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