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“Pet Training!!” • January 31, 2006

It just takes the right approach!!

A gorgeous blond really loved animals so her great aunt sent her a parrot for her birthday.

However, the parrot turned out to be a total nightmare!!  The parrot was fully grown and had been taught ever foul word in the book!  Everything it said was one explicative after another!

The blond tried everything to change his awful habit!!  She read all the parrot training books, tried all the techniques — and nothing worked.  Totally exasperated, she yelled at the parrot — and it just got worse!!  She screamed at the parrot — and it just got worse!!  She shook the parrot within an inch of it’s life — and it just got worse!!

Finally, in a moment of rage, she stuck the parrot in the freezer!!!

For a few moments, she could hear the parrot cursing away worse than ever — and then suddenly — everything got very quiet!!!

Realizing what she had done and concerned for the parrot, (she really did love animals,) the blond flung open the door to the freezer.

The parrot hopped out, perched on her arm, and said, “Please excuse my outrageous behavior, Miss.  I hope that you can find it within your heart to forgive me.  I solemnly promise and swear that for the rest of my life, I shall never utter another inappropriate word!”

The blond was totally mystified, (and delighted,) at the transformation, and then the parrot continued, “Please forgive my boldness, Fair Maiden, but would you mind telling me what offense the Chicken committed??”

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