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“What Dilemma?” • January 31, 2006

The solution is obvious!!

An incredibly rich guy has three girlfriends and he’s trying to decide which one to marry.  He thinks long and hard, then decides to give them a little test.

He gives each one of them $5,000 and tells them to report to him how they spend it.

The first girlfriend goes to the fanciest spa in town and gets a complete make-over head to toe.  She buys a super sexy dress and says to the guy, “I spent the money making myself as beautiful as possible for you because I love you so very much.”

The second girlfriend goes on wild shopping spree and spends every dime on gifts for the guy.  “I bought you all these nice things so you’ll always be happy because I love you so very much.”

The third girlfriend donated all the money to local charities in the guy’s name.  “I want you to be fulfilled spiritually as well as rich because I love you so very much.”

SO —

Which one did the guy marry??

The gorgeous blond of course — after all, he was a GUY!!

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