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“Corporate Economics!” • January 31, 2006

Off to a bad start!

A company hires a new CEO to really shake things up and get production back into high gear.  As he tours the plant, he sees everyone working diligently away — except for one gorgeous blond standing quietly off to the side doing nothing.

He realizes this is the perfect opportunity to emphasize to all the employees that he really means business.

So he walks up to the blond and says, “How much do you make a week?”

The blond says, “About three hundred dollars, Sir.”

The CEO reaches into his pocket and pulls out $600 from his wallet and says, “There’s two weeks pay — not get out of here!!!”

After the blond hurries off, he turns to the workers that had watched the exchange and says, “I expect everyone around here to earn their keep!  I don’t want any money wasted on anything!  Now I want one of you to tell me what that goof off blond did here!”

The workers nervously looked back and forth between each other for a few moments, then one finally said, “Uh — Sir — she was here delivering a pizza.”

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