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“Pledge Surprise!!” • January 31, 2006

You can’t even trust OLD guys!!!

A rich old bachelor down south on the Gulf Coast has a really fancy landscaped backyard behind his mansion.  You know, geometric gardens, fancy statues, fountains, and a beautiful small lake in the very back that’s just perfect for swimming.

Also, in the town is a rather large university.

One night, one of the sororities takes their pledge class out to the road behind the mansion, makes the girls strip their clothes off, and then has them crawl over the wall for a little moonlight skinny dipping in the guy’s lake.

Unbeknownst to the girls, the wall has a security system installed, so the old guy walks down to the lake to see who is trespassing.

He watched from the shadows for a moment, then flips the switch for the floodlights around the lake!

He grins as the girls shriek and scamper to the deep end.  One gorgeous blond shouts, “Look, we’re sorry to be trespassing, but we’re not gonna come out until you leave!!”

The guys says, “That’s all right, Young Lady.  I didn’t come down here to watch you girls swim — or to make you leave.  It was just time to feed my alligators!!”

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