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“Single Roll!” • January 31, 2006

Sometimes the odds ARE in the shooter’s favor!

One morning just after dawn, a drop dead gorgeous blond walks into a nearly deserted casino, steps up to the crap table, and says, “Would it be alright if I bet $50,000 on a single roll of the dice?”

The suddenly not so bored dealers turn to the pit boss who has walked up to the table because $50,000 is way over the table limit.  The pit boss sizes up the blond, then nods OK.

The blond says, “I hope none of you mind, but this is the way I feel most lucky.” She reached up to the front zipper of her skin tight dress, then slides it quickly down to the bottom.  As her dress falls to the floor, the dealers and pit boss realize that she’s wearing absolutely nothing underneath!!!

She grabs the dice and shakes them long and hard, then high and low, (while of course shaking everything else,) and finally yells as she throws the dice, “Come on now!  Mama needs new clothes!!”

She screams triumphantly, “I WON!!  I WON!!  I WON!!”

She scoops up her winnings, grabs her dress, and hurries out of the casino.

The pit boss says to the two dealers, “I’ve been here twenty years and I ain’t ever seen anything like that!!  By the way, what did she roll?”

The dealers look back at the boss and said, “We thought you were watching the dice!!”

By the way, just for the record — not ALL blondes are dumb — but ALL guys are guys!!!

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