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“Golf Handicap!!” • January 31, 2006

I’m gonna have to give this a try myself!!!

To make a very long story short, this guy and his gorgeous blond girlfriend decided to settle their differences on the golf course.  The guy was full of confidence as he had been on the varsity golf team in college and even played in the PGA qualifying tournament once, while his gorgeous blond girlfriend had a good day when she broke a hundred on the front nine.

After their match, the guy walked into the club house and his guy friends all asked how things had gone.

Guy »

“She beat me!!!”

Friends »

“That’s impossible!!  How could she possibly beat you?”

Guy »

“Well — we were getting ready to start at the first tee and she asked for a handicap.  I felt I should be generous so it didn’t look quite so bad, so I told her she could have 30 strokes.  She said she didn’t need the strokes — all she wanted was 2 Gotcha’s.  I asked her what the dickens was a Gotcha, but she said I’d find out in just a moment.  SO — I got ready to tee off, pulled the club back and started my swing — AND — she grabbed me from behind and screamed ‘GOTCHA!’”

Friends »

His friends all roared with laughter.  “We can imagine that might cause a little problem.  I’ll bet that really would mess up a swing!!  BUT — that would only mess up one shot — and she was only allowed one more Gotcha— so that might mess up one more shot — so how did she manage to win?”

Guy »

“Think about it.  Every time I got ready to swing she was standing right behind me.  I spent the whole day waiting for the next Gotcha!”

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