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“Effective Signage!!” • February 3, 2006

No dumb blond to be found here!!

A gorgeous blond buys a picturesque little house out in the country to get away from all the city problems.  The only downside is that it’s on a forest lined road that weaves between the hills — a little road that is used as a connector between two freeways by a lot of people and the cars all go racing by her house.

She complains to the county authorities but their budget can’t afford to put a patrol car out there to catch the speeders.  All they can do is put up a “Slow — Residential Area” sign.

After the sign is up, the traffic completely ignores it and continues to barrel past her house.  Since she couldn’t get anymore help from the county, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She sneaks out one night and repaints the sign to say, “Slow — Livestock Crossing.”

The cars keep speeding by.  She tries again with “Slow — School Crossing” but still no one slows down.

Frustrated but rising to the task, she tries, “Danger — Blasting Area,” “Danger — Rocks Slides,” and even “Danger — Bridge Out,” but nothing seems to slow down the traffic.  Finally, she has a moment of gorgeous blond inspiration and repaints the sign one last time!

Happily, she can now sit out on her front porch every afternoon sipping away at a glass of wine and watching the cars crawl past at a snail’s pace.  She grins and looks thankfully up the road at her last sign — the one that finally got the job done —

“Slow — Nudist Colony Ahead!!”

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