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“Three Day Weekend!!” • February 3, 2006

She gave him just what he asked for!

This really, REALLY stupid guy gets off work one Friday before a Monday holiday and instead of going home to his loyal, loving, gorgeous blond wife, (I said he was stupid,) he heads to a local bar with some of his friends.  After a few drinks, they decide to all go fishing together.  The spend the entire weekend drinking beer and drowning bait until finally at ten in the evening on Monday the guy finally staggers home.

Needless to say, his loyal, loving, gorgeous blond wife is justifiably outraged and really gives the guy a piece of her mind!  After the argument has raged for an hour, she screams, “How could you do this? How could you just run off like that without even telling me anything? How would you like it if you didn’t see me for three days, Buster?!?!?”

The husband screamed back, “I’d like it just fine!!”

SO —

Tuesday came and went and he didn’t see his wife —

Wednesday came and went and he didn’t see his wife —

Thursday came and went and he didn’t see his wife —

And then finally on Friday —

The swelling went down a little and he caught a peek of her through his right eye!!!!

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