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“Checkout Line!!” • February 14, 2006

There’s always a silver lining!!

A gorgeous young blond was working as the cashier at the checkout line in a large grocery store, (while she waited to meet the perfect man and corresponding bank account of her dreams!)

The store was exceptionally busy and all the lines were backed up.  The blond noticed an elderly woman way back in her line carrying only a large broom.  The blond noticed her because she was very obviously in a hurry and highly indignant about waiting in the long line.  As she waited, her sighs, moans, and body language indicated that she was fast approaching a rolling boil.

After all the customers ahead of her were rung up — along with the inevitable price checks, etc. — the old woman finally makes it to the checkout and complains loudly to the blond.  “I can’t imagine how you can possibly run a store so poorly!  I’ve been waiting in line forever!  You should have ten times as many checkers working!!  It’s obvious that none of you care anything about your customers!!  I’ll be lucky to be home by next week!!!”

The gorgeous blond smiled her sweetest smile and replied, “I’m really sorry you had to wait so long, ma’am.  But look at the bright side — with that brand new broom you’ve got there you’ll be able to fly home in practically no time!!”

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