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“Getting Their Attention!!” • February 14, 2006

I’m gonna have to try this one!!

The soft drink vending machine in the brunette’s office building was continuously on the blink.  Most of the time it just ate her money and her diet soda didn’t come out — and even if the soda came out, it NEVER made change!  After the third time in a single afternoon of getting ripped off, she called the vending company to complain.

They apologized sincerely for the trouble and promised to get a repairman out immediately.

A week later, the repairman still hadn’t appeared, so the brunette called again.

And when the repairman still didn’t appear, she started calling everyday.

When the machine still didn’t get fixed, she finally blew her top and raised the dickens with the vending company!!!

Her blond coworker heard the exchange and came over to find out what was the problem.  After the brunette explained, the blond grinned, “Let me give them a call — I’ll take care of it!”

She went to her office and phoned the company, then came back and invited the brunette to the break room.  Eleven minutes later, TWO repairmen dashed in and frantically began working on the machine.

The brunette was totally flabbergasted, “How did you do that?!?!? What on Earth did you tell them?”

The blond grinned, “I just told them that we didn’t need the machine repaired any longer.  After all, who’d be crazy enough to mess with a machine that gave out free drinks and spit out two dollars in quarter every time you pushed one of the buttons!!”

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