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“Judicial Proceedings!!” • February 18, 2006

What goes around, comes around!!

A gorgeous blond is super smart and makes really good grades all through elementary school — straight A’s, in fact — except that her conduct marks suffer a bit because she has a slight tendency to talk “a little too much” and of course endures the usual grade school consequences.

After high school and college, she goes on to law school, returns to her home town, and in time is elected municipal judge.

One day in her court, the next case is called, and lo and behold, the defendant in a traffic case is her old elementary school teacher!!  After the prosecutor and the teacher’s defense attorney present their case, the blond judge considers for a moment, then says sweetly, “The court finds the defendant guilty as charged — and assesses a fine of $267.50 — plus court costs.  And — the court further directs the defendant to hand write “I will not exceed the posted speed limit” 5000 times — and it’s due TOMORROW!!!

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