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“A Mild Oversight!!” • February 18, 2006

Gotta carefully look left and right!!

Two single guys go to a local watering hole to check out the action on a super busy Saturday night.  After a couple of beers, the first guy heads for the restroom, but it’s quite a while before he returns —

AND — when he gets back — he is bruised black and blue, head to toe, and bleeding in a dozen places!!!

His friend asks, “What happened to you?!?!?”

The beat up guy responded, “Do you see that tall skinny guy standing over by the band?”

“Yeah — I see him.”

“Then look a little to the left — do you see table behind him near the restrooms?”

“Yeah — I see it.”

“Then look at the far end of the table — do you see the drop dead gorgeous blond?”

“WOW!  Yeah — I see her.”

“Then look a little to the right — do you see the ‘human gorilla’ sitting beside her?”

“Yeah — I see him.”

“Well I didn’t!!!!”

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