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“Insurance Exclusions!!!” • February 18, 2006

It pays to read the fine print – and between the lines, too!!

A gorgeous blond from Florida went off to college in Colorado.  It was her first exposure to ‘real’ winter — and to snow — and to mountains.  She was fascinated by skiing, but hesitated to give it a try.

Finally, one weekend, her friends take her to the ski slopes.  They get her an instructor and she spends a couple of hours learning the fundamentals.  Shortly thereafter, she is creeping down the bunny slope having the time of her life!

UNTIL —she suddenly veers off the side, picks up speed, sideswipes a tree, sails through the parking lot, bounces off a truck, crashes through the glass wall of the ski lodge, and finally falls into the indoor pool and begins sinking out of sight!!!

She is quickly rescued and airlifted to the hospital — where her troubles REALLY begin!  The cost of her medical treatment was astronomical — and the insurance company refused to pay a single dime!!!

She lies in her hospital bed arguing over the phone with the claims representative, “Why won’t you cover my medical expenses?”

“Sorry, miss, but we don’t pay for pre-existing conditions.”

“Pre-existing conditions?!?!? What are you talking about — it was an accident!!!”

“Do you dye your hair?”

“What kind of stupid question is that? It’s none of your business — but — just for the record — no — I don’t die my hair — I’m a natural blond!!”

“Look, Honey — I ski myself and know quite a bit about it — you skied off the bunny course, hit a tree, hit a truck, crashed through the glass wall, and almost drowned.  No one but a blond could do something so utterly stupid — and you were blond before the incident — so that’s a pre-existing condition!!!”


Memo from Meredith:

Since you’re reading this little ditty, this is obviously not the first of my little stories you’ve encountered — so — you should know by now that I could never leave a gorgeous blond in such a desperate, unjustified, and totally unfair situation!

Keep reading!!!


As the blond hung up the phone amid her tears, a really cute young intern was walking down the hospital hallway.  He heard the blond crying and stopped to check on her.  To make a long story short, he really liked her ‘pre-existing condition’ and fell hopelessly in love with her.  They got married and he went on to an incredibly successful medical career.

And — the intern was also an accomplished skier — so after the blond got out of the hospital it was a natural for him to teach her so well that she in time became an expert.  And — she spent all of her free time on the slopes after they were wed.

After they had been married for a few years, on one particular day after her husband returned from making his hospital rounds, he sat in his easy chair reading the newspaper.  “Did you go skiing today?”

“Yes, I made a few runs on the downhill course.”

“Hmmm — there’s an article in this afternoon’s newspaper — while you were up there skiing, did you hear anything about the accident at the ski lodge?”

The blond said innocently, “No — what happened?”

“Some guy from an insurance company was run over in the parking lot.  The police think it was an accident — but the car that hit him sped off without stopping.”

The blond smiled sweetly, “Maybe it wasn’t an accident — it might have been a ‘pre-existing condition.’”

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